No matter how good your year-round skin care routine might be, none of us can beat the effects of father time. As the years go by, our skin will suffer years of unwanted exposure to damaging environmental factors such as UV light, wind, pollution and much more. And aging in itself takes the life away from our skin. In our advancing years our bodies begin to limit the production of vital compounds like collagen and elastin. Without these naturally occurring compounds, our skin loses its shape, tone, texture, its naturally soft, supple feel, and even our once youthful contours simply vanish! If you’ve ever wanted a facelift, but were unwilling to go under the knife, the Vampire Facelift is right for you. A non-surgical facelift alternative that can restore and revitalize your youthful facial contours!

Restore Vital Proteins
Stimulate Collagen & Elastin Production
As we age, our skin becomes depleted of vital skincare proteins known as collagen and elastin. These proteins are important to giving our skin its soft, supple, elastic texture, and vibrant, youthful glow. In addition, they act as an integral part of the skin’s regenerative mechanisms, ensuring our skin can fight environmental damage and ‘bounce back’ any damage, trauma or even stretching. Without collagen and elastin production are skin is far more susceptible to:

  • Wrinkles, fine lines, and facial folds.
  • Facial volume loss.
  • Dull grey, lifeless skin.
  • Loose, hanging skin.
  • Rough texture, leading to cracking skin.
  • An overall “worn-out”, tired, appearance.

How Does the Vampire Facelift Work?
The Vampire Facelift has gained an immense amount of popularity in recent years, with Hollywood starlets and house-wives, alike, swearing by the skin rejuvenation procedure. One of its major draws is that it is relatively non-invasive, and it can provide fantastic results, without the need for surgical procedure!

The Vampire Facelift doesn’t rely on foreign chemicals or harmful compounds, it works by using the body’s own naturally restorative nature! The procedure is also relatively quick and simple, broken down into a few easy steps.

  • During the first step we use a Hyaluronic Acid dermal filler, such as Juvéderm or Restylane, to inject beneath the skin and try to “shape” and “mold” the patient’s face into a more youthful, well-contoured, albeit, natural shape.
  • The next step involves us drawing some of the patient’s own blood, generally about 2-3 teaspoons, depending on the treatment area. Once the blood is extracted, using a centrifuge, the blood is spun, in order to isolate the important blood platelets. The platelets are then “activated”, this releases about 8 different growth factors that will naturally promote healing of bodily tissues.
  • The harvested growth factors are then injected back into the treatment area, using an extremely small, painless needle. Once the growth factors are in the treatment area, they then activate a special group of stem cells, within the skin. These stem cells now start to “heal” the tissue along the treatment area!

Once complete these stem cells heal blemishes, scarring, and bad skin of all types! The procedure causes the production of essential compounds like collagen and elastin, improves circulation, develops new blood vessels and creates new fatty tissue to help repair the skin!

The Vampire Facelift produces results in 3 key stages:
Stage One (in 4 weeks)
Patients will see incredible volume enhancement and lifting of the face and neck, and the beginnings of skin brightening.

Stage Two (1-3 months)
As the PRP stimulates healing, circulation and healthy tissue regeneration, patients will see texture, tone and color improvement, and the beginnings of noticeable tightening.

Stage Three (3-12 months)
During the final stage, results from the injection of PRP peak, and patients will achieve major improvement in texture, tone, color, tightening and lifting.

Within only a few months following the procedure you will begin to see a lot of improvement in your skin. It will be far smoother, and more supple, as well as having that natural, youthful glow! For more information on the number one treatment for facial rejuvenation and other PRP/Vampire procedures, be sure to contact Alluring Image Medspa today.

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