What You Need to Know Before Getting a Vampire Facelift?

In the world of aesthetic enhancement, there are a number of different procedures out there for both men and women, to be able to achieve their ideal appearance. Or at least that’s what these procedures are all being marketed as. But the fact is, do they all really work as well they the experts claim? The truth of the matter is absolutely not, the vast majority of wunderkind procedures we hear about, and trendy new specialties in the industry, just aren’t the case. The vast majority of these amazing skin rejuvenation techniques simply don’t offer what they want you to believe, and the ones that do, usually don’t do it as well. But every once in a while, comes along a procedure, that truly does match the hype train and really does live up to all that the experts claim for it. Once such procedure in recent memory has got to be the Vampire Facelift Delray Beach patients and experts have raved about it for the past few years, but how effective is it really? Well, according to the team at Alluring Image, it certainly does work and it does offer a number of amazing skincare benefits. Despite its effectiveness, there are still many doubters, and many clients who have no clue as to what it really entails. in this article, we will be exploring the vampire facelift to see if it really does live up to the hype.

What is the Vampire Facelift?

Having such a well-known, striking name, the Vampire Facelift is certainly one of the trendiest new procedures to hit the aesthetic enhancement scene in some time. And when it comes to the vampire facelift Delray Beach experts at Alluring Image, will tell you, it isn’t just hype, the procedure is really effective. vampire facelift, sometimes called a platelet-rich plasma facelift, is a cosmetic procedure that uses the patient’s blood to potentially fight the signs of aging.A similar treatment, known as the vampire facial, garnered a lot of attention back in 2013 when Kim Kardashian posted a selfie on Instagram of her face covered in blood. But how does it work?After blood is drawn from your arm, the medical professional will separate the platelets from the rest of the blood using a centrifuge (a machine that spins quickly to separate fluids of different densities). The platelet-rich plasma (PRP) will be injected along with hyaluronic acid filler, like Juvéderm. The procedure is known to offer a lot of skincare help to individuals, including things like:

· reducing wrinkles

· plumping up the skin

· reducing the appearance of acne scars

· brightening dull skin

How Does the Procedure Work?

When it comes to the Vampire Facelift Delray Beach experts at Alluring Image recommend it to a wide variety of patients, some as young as their 20’s and others well into their 40’s and 50’s – it is truly quite versatile. There’s limited research on vampire facelifts, but one study found that the skin’s texture improved significantly more with PRP than it did with saline injections.The efficacy of a vampire facelift is because of plasma, which is yellow. Plasma is protein-rich, and it carries nutrients, protein, and hormones to the rest of the body.Plasma also contains growth factors, which can increase cell turnover, collagen production, and elastin for firmer, younger-looking skin.

The Procedure

The Vampire Facelift procedure, is a fairly simple, 3 to 4 step process, that is considered to be minimally invasive. While there is a decent amount of blood, there isn’t actually actual cutting into your face or anything like that, so no need to be too squeamish. The procedure works by the following.

· First, the doctor will clean your skin. They’ll likely also apply a topical numbing cream.

· Then, they’ll draw blood (as little as 2 teaspoons) from your arm. Some doctors may choose to first inject the face with filler, targeting areas with deep creases or wrinkles.

· The blood will go into a centrifuge. This separates the PRP from the rest of the blood.

· Using a small needle, the PRP will be injected back into the face.

For more information on the vampire facelift and more, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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