How Does Exosomes PRP Hair Restoration Differ from Traditional PRP Therapy?

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, and cosmetic medicine as a whole, we have seen one of the most incredible rises in popularity of late. The fact is that when it comes to aesthetic enhancement treatments, they are designed to treat a variety of issues and conditions that we as people are susceptible to, most often as a result of aging. As we age, our body begins to breakdown tissue, everything from our hair, skin, nail, muscles, and everything else – including our organs and more. as a result of this, we must use different methods to improve our appearance and our health, in a variety of different ways – from things like eating healthy, and taking care of our bodies with exercise, to certain aesthetic enhancement and cosmetic medicine procedures, that fight off things like wrinkles, fine lines and more. one of the most common issues that occurs as we age has got to be hair loss. For years the health and wellness industry has been looking for new and unique ways to fight against hair loss – from programs on late night TV, to hormonal treatments, topicals and much more – the sad fact is that while some are effective, the vast majority of these treatments do not work. However, as science and cosmetics has advanced, over time, we have seen a number of amazing treatments become more and more effective, for instance, when it comes to PRP hair restoration Delray Beach experts at Alluring Image have been able to provide patients with amazing results to help thicken their thinning hair follicles and even regrow areas where hair hasn’t been able to grow longer in years. this method has been proven to be quite effective, however, there is a new variation of PRP hair restoration that has come about known as exosomes PRP hair restoration, that many claims is a superior method of PRP therapy, and can even improve on the already wonderful results of traditional PRP. In this article, we will be examining the differences between these procedures and their results.

PRP for Hair Loss

When it comes to treating hair loss, and the use of PRP hair restoration Delray Beach hair experts at Alluring Image, have been able to provide patients with some amazing results using the technique. PRP stands for platelet rich plasma, and uses the patients own blood platelets from plasma to enhance certain aspects and areas of their tissue – more specifically hair follicles. When it comes to using PRP hair restoration Delray Beach experts will perform a hair analysis, and once they are able to identify that you have a miniaturization of the hair follicles. This symptom can cause thinning and hair loss. If you do experience this issue, PRP therapy can target your follicles, so they grow healthier and fuller. To do this, we draw about a tablespoon of blood from your arm and place it in a centrifuge. The centrifuge spins rapidly and separates the platelet-rich plasma from your blood. Next, we administer a local anesthetic and inject the nutrient-rich solution into your scalp. Often, this step is followed by microneedling, which helps it absorb more easily into the scalp.

Exosomes PRP Hair Restoration

As a variation on traditional PRP hair restoration therapy, the use of exosomes PRP hair restoration is relatively new to the aesthetic industry. However, in the short time it has been considered to be a viable option for patients, it has provided many patients with outstanding results. Made by stem cells, exosomes help rejuvenate cells and influence their behavior. To help stimulate hair growth and encourage healing, we can inject the exosomes into the scalp for patients who experience thinning, shedding, or bald patches. We will harvest your stem cells and place them in a centrifuge to separate the stem cells’ exosomes. Once separated, we apply a local anesthetic and inject the exosomes into your scalp. The fact is that while the two treatments are fairly similar in that they are both PRP or platelet rich plasma treatments, the added use of the exosomes has proven to be additionally effective for many patients. Of course, its important to understand, especially with hair loss, that things are highly dependent upon the patient’s body chemistry, and there are a number of other factors at play – so its best to get a hair analysis done, and try the procedure out for yourself, and see which method works best for you and your hair. For more information be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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