Say Goodbye to Lost or Thinning Hair with PRP Hair Restoration!

At Alluring Image Medical Spa, as well as a number of other doctor’s and medical spa’s across New York City, as aesthetic enhancement procedures have seen quite an exponential rise amongst both men and women, some procedures have stuck out, head and shoulders above the rest! Sure, the world of cosmetic treatments is getting bigger and far more in-demand, with new and unique procedures helping individuals to achieve the glamorous, handsome looks they’ve always wanted. And while there are surely interesting advancements being made on what can be considered a daily basis, the truth of the matter is that the procedures that truly make the biggest splash are those that are able to combat issues, that many of us in years past, could almost never have even dreamt possible. Well for many, both men and women, this is one of those interesting times, as with the rise of a revolutionary new procedure, known as PRP Hair Restoration men and women, who both might be suffering from minor lost or thinning hair – this may just be the answer to your prayers! For many PRP might be a foreign terminology, but for those who have heard of it, PRP hair loss treatment, or platelet-rich plasma for hair loss is a means by which patients can use their own naturally harvested blood-platelets, and stem cell growth factors – found within their own blood-plasma, to restore, rejuvenate and reinvigorate he growth of hair follicles.

The fact of the matter is that PRP hair restoration isn’t the first or only means of using PRP, again, platelet-rich plasma. In fact, the procedure has roots that go back to helping with all types of things like bone healing, joint restoration, connective tissue healing, skincare, sexual health, and much, much more! According to many PRP specialists, some of the first uses for PRP therapy were amongst professional athletes such as the late Kobe Bryant. Having entered the National Basketball Association at the age of only 18 years old, Kobe Bryant was the youngest to have ascended to the ranks of pro basketball within the United States, and therefore, by the age of only 32 years old he had already put enough miles on his knees for nearly double the career of the average basketball players. However, always the consummatecompetitor, and having come fresh off of a knee surgery, Kobe Bryant had visited German doctors for nearly unheard of Regenokine procedure – a method in which blood was removed from the patient’s own body, spun around at high speeds within a device known for separating compounds in a laboratory setting known as a centrifuge. Once the blood was spun around, it was separated into platelet-rich plasma, and the rest. The plasma was taken, treated and purified, then reinjected into Kobe Bryant’s knees, and being full of IGF1 growth factors, stem cells, platelets, and a whole host of other revitalizing proteins, the PRP solution helps to improve the overall healing of damaged tissues, of nearly every single kind. In fact after having proven itself to aid in the healing of some of the world’s most well-paid athletes, dermatologists and cosmetic skincare experts at Medical spas such as Alluring Image, considered to be the Best Medical Spa Delray Beach, FL has to offer, have begun offering PRP treatments for issues such as skincare – often in the form of the Vampire facelift and of course, PRP Hair restoration.

The fact of the matter is that PRP therapy works quite the same whether its being used to treat the skin during a Vampire Facelift, or whether it is part of a PRP hair loss treatment. The Vampire facelift was also made famous by a fairly popular individual, this time it was Kim Kardashian’s Instagram image of her face covered completely in blood that essentially broke the internet. The post documented her first attempt at the Vampire Facelift – a procedure that is also sometimes known as PRP Microneedling, in which, as we discussed in general PRP therapy, blood is removed from the body, spun around and reintroduced, usually by an injection. However, when it comes to the Vampire Facelift, the or PRP microneedling procedure, the skin is punctured with a series of controlled cuts, in and around an area in need of treatment or restoration. These micro-puncture sites are designed to stimulate the body’s inner healing mechanisms. In theory, when we are cut or our skin is damaged, our body sends collagen and other restorative compounds to heal the skin and other cells in the area. Now in the event that within that area there just happened to be unwanted blemishes, or scarring, the healing would not only heal the micro-punctures but the unwanted blemishes as well. As an added bonus and to harness the power of stem cell growth factors and other healing compounds, individuals will often spread the platelet-rich plasma compound, along the area in need of treatment, helping to restore and rejuvenate the skin faster and more effectively.

Now as we get back to PRP hair loss treatment, the process works relatively similar to the above methods of PRP therapy described. Often, when individuals begin to experience lost, damaged or thinning hair, this is as a result of the hair follicles simply dying out within that area, and in a way, “turning off”. This is unfortunate and there are quite a few reasons why this might occur, whether it’s a result of poor health, a disease or condition, genetics and more. The fact of the matter is that it can be quite difficult to simply turn on the hair follicles however, using the same principle of other PRP therapy methods the team at Alluring Image, the Best Medical Spa Delray Beach, FL has to offer, can help to reinvigorate and rejuvenate the damaged hair follicles by simply injecting the scalp with the platelet-rich plasma solution. While it can be difficult to take hair follicles that can completely shut down, and left a completely bald area to a full head of hair. It is generally best to start by slowly treating thinning or weakened hair follicles – then taking more and more sessions to try and combat the more severe hair loss issues. Now to learn more about PRP Hair Restoration, and other PRP therapy treatments, be sure to contact the best medical spa Delray Beach, FL has in practice, Alluring Image Medspa today – find out if PRP Hair Loss Treatment is right for you today.

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