PRP Hair Restoration – The Next Generation of Hair Loss Treatment

The fact is that hair loss is a terrible, absolutely horrific thing to deal with, at least for the vast majority of men – and a smaller, yet just as horribly unlucky group of women. But when it comes to hair loss treatment for men, the biggest issue to combat is that of male pattern baldness – a long waited foe, that science just had few means to combat. And while there have been doctors, scientists and even everyday individuals for decades that have claimed to have the solution, the absolutely perfect solution for hair loss treatment – rarely, if ever do they ever amount to much. And of course, over the years there have always been a few here and a few there, that have amounted to some success and the hair restoration community has held onto those, which each little sect choosing their own little procedure they’d like to champion. However, in recent years no matter which school of thought you might have come from, many of those looking for the best hair loss treatment, were all of a sudden, introduced to PRP hair restoreddoctors inject a patient’s own plasma into different parts of the patient’s body to promote healing and growth. It’s not just for hair—it can be used in tendons, ligaments, and muscles, too.Otherwise known as platelet rich plasma therapy, this amazing method of treatment works by utilizing your body’s own naturally restorative healing method!

First, the doctor draws blood from the patient and puts it into a centrifuge, which is a machine that spins the blood to separate it into its different components—red blood cells and plasma.Then, the doctor takes the platelet-rich plasma and puts it directly into the patient’s hair follicles by using a syringe and a thin needle. Platelets are known to contain many stem cell growth factors, which some believe could help grow hair back, in addition to strengthening the damaged, thinning hair follicles, and even produce new hair follicles.While it’s a short, 10-minute treatment, the patient has to receive several injections: once a month for three months, then one time every three to six months for as long as they want to keep their hair.

The fact of the matter is though, that while there are tons of anecdotal reviews to support PRP hair restoration in many of the actual studies and research instances, hair loss experts, have seen some fairly amazing results from PRP hair restoration. However, its important for patients to understand that while it can help all patients it works best for and is designed for patients with cases that are not severe. I recommend it for men with early-stage male pattern hair loss. It can work wonders for those with thinning or thin hair, as it is known to strengthen the follicles. And while some studies may have concluded that PRP treatment is successful in preventing hair loss and promoting hair regrowth, only a few hair loss treatments are actually clinically-proven to work.

The only approved medications are minoxidil (a topical solution or foam applied directly to the scalp) and finasteride (an oral pill).Some treatments, such as “platelet-rich plasma and low-level light therapy (LLLT) can be utilized in association with the minoxidil and finasteride to add additional benefits. I recommend PRP as a booster and LLLT to reduce inflammation. For most doctors, a palette of treatments designed for their individual conditions will work the best. This last part is especially important. Every single person’s experience with male pattern baldness is different. To figure out the best course of treatment for you, be sure to visit Alluring MedSpa today, and find out if PRP works for you!

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