Priapus Shot Or P-Shot for Men
As men age, one of the most common issues lack of sexual arousal and inability to perform sexually. Erectile Dysfunction treatments have been around for a number of years, some are still unproven, and others might require a pill that needs to be taken every time you want to have sex – doesn’t make for the most spontaneity. Some also have a number of side effects, and rely on the use of medication or chemical compounds.
Well at Alluring Image Medspa, we are proud to now offer a more natural treatment for Erectile Dysfunction and sexual arousal issues in men, known as the Priapus Shot or P-Shot.

What is the P-Shot?
The P-Shot is a method for male sexual enhancement, that works by using the same principles as the revolutionary Vampire Facial, and other PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) procedures. Named for the Greek god of virility, the Priapus Shot, or P-shot, is highly effective, and doesn’t require the use of pills, creams, or any type of surgical correction.

How does the P-Shot work?
The P-Shot is a relatively pain-free penile injection, that allows men to perform better sexually, and maintain arousal, when they previously were unable.

Just like other PRP treatments, the P-Shot begins with the harvesting of blood plasma from the body. The blood is then spun in a centrifuge, separating the platelets. Once these platelets are stimulated, they release 8 different growth factors, which are meant to heal and restore the body’s own tissue(s).

This platelet rich plasma is then injected directly into the intimate areas. While in the body, the PRP creates vital stem cells that aid in the healing, and regeneration of the body’s cells.

Improve Your Sex Life
Once these cells are healed and new, younger, cells are created, over the next 2-3 months the patient will begin to experience improved sexual health, including performance, and ability to maintain arousal. In certain cases, the P-Shot has even shown the ability to increase sexual organ size, but these results are rare, and shouldn’t be expected.

The results will peak after 2-3 months, and generally last up to 2 years, without the need for reapplication. If you are a man suffering from erectile dysfunction or poor sexual performance, then the P-Shot may be for you. For more information on how the P-Shot works, or to find out if its right for you, be sure to contact Alluring Image Medspa today.

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