Microdermabrasion Facial & Diamond Dermabrasion Versus Microneedling

When it comes to the health and wellness of our face and skincare overall, there seems to be a number of new treatments designed to help both men and women, to achieve the best possible skin they can. All too often individuals think to just go to dermal fillers or Botox, but the fact that that while those are certainly great options and can definitively work amazingly for some people, there aren’t necessarily the best issues for general blemishes and much more. The first thing to understand however, when it comes to procedures such as microdermabrasion facial, the diamond dermabrasion procedure as well as microneedling itself. To better educate individuals who might be more familiar to such issues, the team at Alluring Image are here to help educate us on three of the most popular procedures can work with one another.

  • Microdermabrasion Facial
    When it comes to the Microdermabrasion Facials one of the top 5 non-surgical procedures performed by medical providers. Using a mechanical device, the provider exfoliates the skin surface with an ablative material, like sodium bicarbonate crystals, to scrub off dead and dull surface skin cells. The device used for the microdermabrasion facial, simultaneously uses suction to stimulate circulation in the skin. The result is smoother, brighter looking skin. There is little discomfort, treatments take about an hour, and there is no down-time afterwards. It is suitable for most skin types, but not all.
  • Diamond Dermabrasion
    When it comes to a procedure such a diamond dermabrasion One of the most popular cosmetic skin care treatments available is diamond dermabrasion, a procedure that is praised by women and men alike. No chemicals or anesthesia are used in the procedure, which is known for being simple and pain-free. It’s appropriate for most skin types because it is non-invasive and can effectively reduce or eliminate wrinkles, acne, age spots, stretch marks, and more.
  • Microneedling
    Microneedling, however, is different than a superficial Microdermabrasion treatment and provides much more benefit, because it reaches below the skin surface. The procedure creates many microscopic punctures in the skin’s outer layers. This is sometimes called “collagen induction therapy,” because the process stimulates the body’s production of collagen and elastin during the wound healing response. It is used to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, acne scars and even stretch marks on the body. There are at-home devices called “dermal rollers,” which have small surgical steel needles which are rolled over the skin. This is very superficial in nature, so it is not very effective; and it can be difficult to keep the device sanitary, so it is also potentially problematic.Microneedling device used at Warrenton Dermatology & Skin Therapy Center has revolutionized microneedling, offering improved results compared to derma rollers and microdermabrasion. Skin Pen is more sanitary because it uses disposable needle cartridges. Numbing cream is used to ensure comfort during the treatment session, and there is little down-time. Nothing should be put on the face (including products and makeup) for 48 hours post-treatment, until the micro-channels in the skin close. You may experience light peeling (like dry skin) a few days after your session, but nothing that should take you out of your normal routine.

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