The Basics of IV Therapy

In the world of aesthetic enhancement, and cosmetic medicine, we can look at things from two specific angles. The first being cosmetic treatments and procedures, which are designed to improve our appearance and enhance our looks. When it comes to aesthetic enhancement care and treatments, these procedures are generally designed to fight off the effects of aging, and other outside environmental factors that can damage our skin and other tissue. And while this is the main facet of aesthetic enhancement, and cosmetic medicine, another branch, which is closely intertwined with this branch is the world of wellness care. Wellness, while its often considered to be a part of general healthcare treatment, its important to understand that the body, and our appearance can only look as good as we feel on the inside, and things like our skin are often a reflection of how healthy we are on the inside. When it comes to health and wellness care, from a cosmetic point of view, one of the most interesting areas in which we are looking into is the world of IV therapy, or IV vitamin therapy. IV vitamin therapy is intravenous therapy in which patients receive a series of vitamins, minerals and nutrients into their bloodstream, as opposed to ingesting these compounds orally. This is quite interesting and a very innovative means of getting these nutrients to the patient’s body and their bloodstream, without having to pass through the digestive system – this is a huge advantage for patients as they can get these minerals and vitamins into the body, and absorbed faster, and far more efficiently, with much less of these nutrients being wasted. In this article, we will be exploring IV therapy as a whole, and educating clients on how these IV drips work.

The IV Hangover Drip

One of the most popular IV drips is known as the IV hangover drip – this has been many individuals’ introduction to IV vitamin therapy. A hangover is terrible, while the night that led us to that hangover might have been a blast, the next morning rarely is. A hangover is a combination of dehydration, lack of electrolytes, and a need for nutrients in the body. With the IV hangover drip, we are able to get vitamins, nutrients, and minerals straight to the bloodstream, without them needing to pass through the digestive tract. The fact is that when we are hungover, it is often hard to ingest a ton of water or electrolyte liquids, as we are often quite nauseas. The IV hangover drip allows you to get the electrolytes and hydration they need, without having to ingest it. And while other hangover remedies might take hours to take effect, using the IV hangover drip, patients can get the relief they want within 10-20 minutes of sitting down and reading a magazine whilst being connected to the IV drips.

IV Vitamin Therapy for Your Appearance

Another interesting facet of IV drips is the fact that there are many drips out there that can help patients to improve their health, wellness, as well as their overall appearance, by simply using certain IV vitamin therapy drips. Many of these IV therapy drips include a series of serums, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals, and other wellness cocktails, that are sent to the body, to improve your overall health and wellness faster and more efficiently than any other method. The fact is that once they are able to get these nutrients into the bloodstream, it hydrated the skin and other tissue in the area. One of the most interesting aspects of IV therapy drips is the fact that when ingested orally, many of these vitamins and minerals, would mainly be destroyed by the digestive system, and the actual bioavailability when taken orally is far lower than they would be in the event that they are administered via IV drips. In many instances, using IV therapy drips, the patient can get access to above 90% of the vitamins and minerals that are being sent to their bloodstream, however, when they are taken orally, are forced to pass through the digestive tract, we may only get anywhere from 10-50% of these vitamins – depending on the types and the patient themselves. In addition, while conventional vitamins would take hours to go around the entire digestive matrix and be absorbed by the body, IV vitamin therapy gets right to the bloodstream and is then absorbed and used by the body within 30 minutes time. This is far more efficient than any other means and a major reason why IVs are used in hospitals and clinics across the country. For more information be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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