What is the IV Hangover Drip?

If you’ve ever been out with friends, in all hours of the night, partying the night away, it can be quite a fun experience. And there’s many of us who do this whenever possible, often at least once or twice every weekend. And while hitting the clubs, going from bar to bar, tossing back drinks with friends might be fun for the night, we’ve all had to deal with the ill effects of that drinking the morning after. On top of all the regret we might feel, looking back on the cringe moments, wondering “why did I say that?!” – there’s nothing worse than having a hangover. It happens to the vast majority of us, and without taking the proper steps to prepare for a night out on the town, which very few of us will ever actually do, the fun night can mean for an absolutely hellish morning. For some individuals a hangover can feel like death, preventing them from going to work or school, forcing them to lay in bed, feeling nauseous, sensitive to lights and sounds, a pounding headache, and a whole lot more. And while your best friend might tell you about some old school hangover cure his uncle once recommended to him, very rarely do these methods actually work and rarely do they actually offer the effects we think they will. More often than not, you’ve just drank a whole glass of raw eggs, or consumed the oil out of a tuna fish can, for absolutely nothing – actually, it probably made you even more likely to puke your brains out. There is however a perfectly, scientifically tested hangover cure out there for you. This is known as IV therapy or IV hydration therapy, and more specifically the IV hangover drip. If you’ve ever been to the hospital, or seen someone in the hospital, then it’s likely you’ve seen someone affixed to an IV therapy drip. And such a treatment allows patients to get much-needed nutrients and hydration into their body, faster and more efficiently than any other options. In this article we will be educating clients on IV hydration therapy and the IV hangover drip.

What is IV Therapy?

As we mentioned previously, if you’ve ever seen someone hooked up to some tubes at a hospital, and that little, often clear, pouch of saline solutions next to their bed – they are likely being hooked up to an IV drip. IV therapy sometimes referred to as infusion therapy, is when medication or certain fluids are administered through a catheter or a needle, intravenously – or through the vein. This is a method of delivering much-needed fluids, vitamins, minerals and nutrients to an individual, bypassing their mouth, and digestive system, and sending these things straight into the bloodstream. This not only allows patients to get these nutrients and hydration faster and much more efficiently, it often allows them to receive medications that might not be able to taken orally, or they might degrade in the digestive system or something like that. In addition to patients at a hospital or IV therapy clinic, you might have seen boxers, MMA fighters, and other athletes getting IV drips before. These individuals must often dehydrate themselves in order to make weight for an upcoming fight or match, and in order to rehydrate as fast as possible, they must bypass oral ingestion of fluids, and opt for an IV hydration therapy drip. The same concept works for individuals suffering from a hangover.

What is a Hangover and How is it Treated with an IV?

A hangover is a condition that far too many of us have experienced at least a few times in life, especially during those long nights out during our college years. In general, a hangover describes a group of unpleasant symptoms and issues that occur after drinking too much alcohol. Not only do we feel and look terrible as a result of a hangover, but our performance and ability to think and reason is greatly affected as well. This is why you sometimes cant focus at work or school, no matter how much you try after a hangover. Hangover symptoms typically begin when your blood alcohol content drops significantly and is at or near zero. They’re usually in full effect the morning after a night of heavy drinking. Depending on how bad it is you are likely to experience fatigue, weakness, headaches, excessive thirst, dry mouth, nausea, poor sleep, shakes, mood issues, depression and much more. these hangovers are caused by a number of different factors including dehydration, and a lack of electrolytes and much needed nutrients. This is why many individuals believe that you must drink tons of water during a night of drinking and it often does help. Also, alcohol is able to trigger an inflammatory response that damages the body from the inside out and the symptoms are the effects. Using the IV hangover drip we are able to provide patients with the hydration they need, as well as the electrolytes and nutrients they are missing. By using the IV hangover drip, we are able to ensure it gets into their bloodstream as fast as possible, and is able to bypass their mouth and digestive system – as you might feel way too much nausea to consume a bunch of water or sports drinks at the time. The IV hangover drip can have patients feeling 100% better within 30 minutes or so, and it is an instant rejuvenator. For more information on the IV hangover drip and other IV hydration therapy options be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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