3 Things To Know Before Getting Lip Fillers

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement procedures, while in years past they were heavily frowned upon, and a source of shame and embarrassment for the people choosing to get them – things have changed quite a bit since then. In addition, in years past the vast majority of aesthetic enhancement work meant surgery – and with a large percentage of our society deathly afraid of surgery, it just wasn’t going to happen for most people, who couldn’t bear the thought of going under the knife. However, as times have changed and the aesthetic enhancement industry has advanced quite a bit as a whole, there are more minimally invasive procedures out there that can provide patients with the same if not even better results than other more traditional procedures. One such area that’s heavily in-demand is lip augmentation or the idea of lip injectables. While in years past someone would have had to have gone through a difficult surgery procedure to enhance the size and shape of their lips, nowadays, lip fillers are simple and easy, and have little to no side effects whatsoever. However, one of the biggest issues surrounding lip injectables is the fact that while they are so popular, many patients have little to no clue about all they truly entail. Now to better educate you on all there is to know about these lip injectables, the team at Alluring Image Medspa is here to help, with a few of the most important things to know before having your lips done.

· Each Filler is Different

Now, when it comes to the injectable lip fillers industry, its important for patients to understand that all fillers aren’t the same and each of them work in a specially, unique way, that is often far different from one another. For instance, when it comes to balance and harmony a Restylane filler like Restylane Lyft is known to provide patients with a super definite lip line, and enhanced contours. So while Restylane Lyft might offer better contouring, another lip filler like Juvéderm might help patients to achieve the volume they want in their lip enhancement. So it’s important that before having them done, you do your research on the type of lip augmentation you want and which fillers will help you achieve that. One thing that’s recommended however, is that Juvéderm, Restylane Lyft, no matter which filler you choose, its best to stick with those that offer a hyaluronic acid base, as they are most natural and provide the best results.

· Fillers Aren’t Forever

The good part about the use of lip fillers as opposed to some older method of lip augmentation, is that the fillers will generally only last 6 months to a year on their own, and in the event you aren’t happy with your results, there are ways that an individual might be able to even lessen the type and be able to redo them using a different filler or different treatment method and more.

· Gradual Size Increases

One of the best parts about injectable lip fillers is the fact that because many patients are still relatively new to the process, you are able to slowly but surely increase the size of your lips without going too bid at first. This allows you to slowly achieve the size and shape that you desire little by little, without the possible risk of going too large and having to wait months to a year in order to redo them.

While there are certainly a lot more important things to know about LIP FILLERS, this is a good start for an individual planning to have their lips done. For more information or to schedule an appointment for yourself, be sure to contact us today.

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