Using Injectable Dermal Fillers with PRP Therapy

When discussing aesthetic enhancement and the cosmetic medicine industry as a whole, there’s quite a bit of information out there these days, and quite bit you must learn if you’d like to become an expert in the field. The fact is that in years past, while aesthetic enhancement treatments were certainly out there, there were simply far fewer of them and way less information for people to learn about. However, over the past decade or so, we have experienced one of the most incredible increases in popularity of all time, with more men and women having aesthetic enhancement procedures than ever before. And much of this popularity has come from a combination of newly advanced technology being introduced into the industry, and more advanced techniques having been implemented into things. The fact of the matter is that with such advancements individuals were able to garner way better results than in years past, without the need for aesthetic enhancement that required more invasive, often surgical procedures, in order to attain the best results. With the use of certain procedures, men and women have been able to improve the look of their face and body, with fewer side effects and risks, in a much safer way than ever before. Two amazing examples of this, and some of the most popular nonsurgical means of enhancement are injectable dermal filler treatments and the use of PRP injections – which stands for platelet rich plasma therapy. Injectable dermal filler like Juvéderm and Restylane are able to help patients to relieve the effects they might experience as a result of aging, its one of the best anti-aging facial treatments around today. And when it comes to PRP therapy or platelet rich plasma therapy, patients are able to utilize their own blood plasma and stem cell growth factors in an effort to enhance and improve the health of their tissue – from skin and hair, to connective tissue, muscles and even ligaments in athletes. But when it comes to the best anti-aging facial treatment around, when these two methods are combined, they can offer amazing results. In this article, we will be exploring this combination in detail and what you can expect.

Injectable Dermal Fillers & PRP Therapy on Their Own

An anti-aging facial treatment designed to alleviate a condition known as facial volume loss, the use of injectable dermal fillers like Restylane and Juvéderm have become extremely popular amongst both men and women of all age groups. They also can help to alleviate discolorations, blemishes and way more. but these are far more well known than PRP injections. PRP injections harness the power of blood platelets to trigger accelerated healing deep down in the skin. PRP is created from your own blood when a doctor takes a small vial of blood from the arm, less even than is required for routine blood tests, and places it into a vial to be spun in a centrifuge. Through the process of the centrifuge, the amount of blood platelets in the plasma becomes about four times more concentrated.Platelets contain incredibly powerful growth factors and proteins that have immense healing power when unleashed near the site of an injury. This means that when PRP is injected into your skin, the concentrated growth factors and proteins activate to create collagen. Collagen is the critical component of the skin and body that is responsible for maintaining bright, smooth, elastic skin. The use of PRP therapy allows us to heal our tissue from all types of damage including the sun damage, wrinkles, discolorations, sagging and more.

Dermal Fillers & PRP Combined

When these two amazing skin rejuvenation methods are combined, we have seen patients experience some of the most amazing results possible. The fact is that for some, the results attained have been so ridiculous that they consider it to the holy grail of non-invasive enhancement procedures – when combined. PRP has incredible effects on its own, but can reach new heights when injected simultaneously with a dermal filler like Radiesse or Juvéderm. These hyaluronic acid-based fillers use the component already found in the body to generate newfound volume under the skin. This volume fills wrinkles, alleviates age-related midface volume loss, and revives tired skin. When you receive PRP and a dermal filler simultaneously, your skin receives double the healing action.PRP and hyaluronic acid together generate clinically visible and statistically significant improvement in aging facial skin. It’s amazing that this quick in-office procedure can do so much for the skin. While the filler provides the instant volume corrections for sunken skin and wrinkles, the PRP stimulates regeneration of healthier, more taut skin. Patients who undergo this double treatment explain that they can see and feel the effects within just minutes, and also report that the results last up to six months longer. For more information on all there is to know about these and other methods of skin rejuvenation, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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