3 Types of Wrinkles Treated by Botox Facial Treatment

Over the past few decades, as aesthetic enhancement procedures have seen a drastic increase in popularity, there are more and more treatment designed to treat a wide variety of facial issues and concerns. And while these new and unique treatments have helped patients to see an overall improvement in our aesthetic appearance, Botox facial treatments, despite being one of the oldest and most common, are still a favorite amongst patients in all different types of unique scenarios. Despite these new and unique treatments coming to light, Botox still accounts for over 50% of all treatment methods around today – allowing patients to treat a wide range of issues from dark spots and discolorations and one of the most common concern associated with aging, the presence of unwanted facial wrinkles. Wrinkles along an individual’s face are still the most vital concern amongst patients of all ages, from their late teens and twenties, all the way up until their 50’s and 60’s. According to the team at Alluring Image Medical Spa, considered to be the premiere practice for Botox facial care, Botox is also quite versatile and allows us to treat a number of different types of wrinkles as well. In this article we will explore the different types of wrinkles a Botox face treatment can help to treat. Injection with botulinum works best with dynamic wrinkles or wrinkles that appear after the formation of facial expressions like a smile or a frown.Conversely, static wrinkles remain while your face is relaxed and are best treated with a combination of botulinum toxin and dermal fillers. Static wrinkles are also treated commonly with chemical peels, microdermabrasion, radiofrequency micro-needling, and laser resurfacing.

· Glabella Line & Wrinkles

While many might not be familiar with this term, the glabella is a patch of skin between the eyebrows and above the nose. Treatment of glabellar lines is the most common cosmetic use of botulinum toxin. Glabella lines are sometimes called the eleven lines, and appear as vertical lines that develop between the eyebrows as a result of frowning, scowling, or merely focusing while listening or reading.Sometimes bad eyesight or insufficient corrective lenses can contribute to the muscle contractions that deepen the glabellar lines. According to the team at Alluring when it comes to these lines, like other creases, wrinkles and lines on the face, they are now easily treated with Botox. And when it comes to the treatment of such an area with Botox cost is generally similar to that of the treatment of other types of wrinkles along the face. To treat them, your specialist injects the thick muscle between the eyebrows with a small amount of Botox. Over the next few days, the Botox gradually causes the contraction in the muscle to weaken, thus smoothing the lines on the skin surface.

· Crow’s Feet

One of the most common types of wrinkles, crow’s feet, also called periorbital lines or lateral canthal lines, are wrinkles that branch from the outer corners of the eyes while smiling. Of note, crow’sfeet that are static thus occur in both the presence and absence of smiling.Crow’sfeet are the second most frequent types of wrinkles treated with Botox cost permitting, patients might want to have multiple treatments done over the course of many months, as this will allow the wrinkles to heal much faster than they would otherwise. The fact is that Botox face treatments work beautifully with the dynamic wrinkles in this area.

· Forehead Wrinkles

These are some of the most common, and general forms of wrinkles aesthetic enhancement patients might feel – and there are also a number of different treatments that can help treat wrinkles in this area, for both men and women. And when it comes to the use of Botox cost can be far cheaper than other treatments as the relatively large facial muscle that overlies the forehead is called the frontalis muscle. When the frontalis muscle contracts, the brow raises and forehead lines appear. So essentially, it only takes the cessation of this one muscle to treat and alleviate wrinkles for a long period of time.

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