Beginners Guide to Exosomes PRP Hair Restoration

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, the fact is that we are currently in the midst of the single most incredible rise in popularity we have ever seen – with more men and women having some form of cosmetic work done, than ever before. One thing to understand about aesthetic enhancement treatments however is that while there are countless different treatments, more specifically, non-surgical treatments, and they all report to treat a wide variety of symptoms and issues, they almost all come down to one main issue. And when you think about closely, that single main issue is quite easily understood, it’s the effects of aging, and the degradation of the tissue that comes along with aging. The fact of the matter is that father time is undefeated, and we are powerless against the clock when it boils down to it. However, there are certain things we can do to keep ourselves healthier, and combat the specific symptoms that are associated with aging and the ever-ticking clock. One common concern, shared amongst both men and women is hair loss. according to the team at Alluring Image, known to provide the best PRP hair restoration Delray Beach has to offer, while it doesn’t happen to everybody, some people are more susceptible to the breakdown of hair tissue as they age. And to fight this degradation, one of the most effective treatments has been PRP hair restoration, and a new variation of this process known as exosomes PRP hair restoration. And while other techniques might have shown some improvement or ability to thicken a person’s hair slightly, the vast majority of other methods is ineffective. In this article, we will provide a beginners guide to understanding exosomes PRP hair restoration, and help patients to understand what it truly can do for them.

What are Exosomes?

According to the team at Alluring Image, known to provide the best PRP hair restoration Delray Beach has to offer, the use of PRP has become quite prominent amongst aesthetic patients in all manner of procedures from those with joint pain, skincare issues, and now, those suffering from unwanted hair loss issues – both males and females. Using this method in conjunction with exosomes, has only allowed patients to achieve even better, far more effective results. Exosomes are tiny micro-vesicles. They’re about 1/1000th the size of a typical cell in the body. Exosomes are used by the body for inter cellular communications of different times, helping the cells work together more efficiently.They are stem cell derived, so they bring a wide variety of growth factors into the body. These factors can help stimulate the regenerative potential of the body not just for hair thickening but for a variety of other applications.When injected into the scalp, the results are thicker and healthier hair. PRP and stem cells have been used for the same purpose for quite some time. Exosomes are a newer alternative to these treatments that many researchers believe to be just as effective or more effective than PRP and stem cells for hair loss. The fact is that the use of the exosomes is like a catalyst for the PRP treatment, as they contain 200+ growth and re-growth factors. They’re known to promote healing, help regenerate normal tissue, and many other purposes, including thickening hair.

What to Expect Following the Treatment?

To begin, the scalp is numbed with an anesthetic – considering this the procedure isn’t very painful at all, and patients may even feel some numbness following the procedure. As a hair loss treatment, the injections are done fairly simply, and therefore patients can continue their daily activities almost immediately after. However, we do recommend that patients avoid any strenuous work or exercise anywhere from 24-48 hours following the procedure. And try not to wash or style your hair at all for at least a day.

Being known for the best PRP hair restoration Delray Beach has to offer, the team at Alluring Image, will generally recommend that patents have one session of exosomes PRP hair restoration done, and then wait approximately 3 to 6 months in order to see their results. And then from there, they can assess the results with their doctor, and decide upon having future sessions done on a similar timeframe. For more information on hair loss treatments and more, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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