3 Major Uses of Juvéderm Dermal Fillers

In the world of aesthetic enhancement non-invasive procedures have seen an exponential rise in popularity over the past decade-plus. While surgical enhancement is certainly seen a steep increase as well, for many individuals who might not be ready to go under the knife just yet, non-invasive treatments provide the perfect balance between providing much-needed aesthetic enhancement and allowing clients a much shorter, far less risky recovery period with far less downtime, and way fewer side effects. From treatments like chemical peels and facials, to injectable neurotoxins like Botox to versatile dermal fillers like the Juvéderm Ultra lip filler; non-invasive methods are also far less permanent and in the event that a patient doesn’t like their results, they can just as simply wait it out and either try something else, or have the procedure redone. With injectable dermal fillers likeJuvéderm Ultra Plus lips and facial issues are easily handled and mitigated. One of the biggest advantages of these dermal fillers is the fact that they are so versatile and can help to alleviate quite a few different facial concerns associated with aging, while providing quite a few different variations of enhancement. When it comes to dermal fillers, Juvéderm Ultra Plus lips and facial enhancement filler has easily become one of the most popular and highly effective of all. This is mainly because of it using a hyaluronic acid base, HA being a naturally occurring compound that begins to disappear as we age. This compound is designed to provide our skin with its natural “plumpness” and overall volume and hydration. Because of the HA base within Juvéderm Ultra Plus lips are given the much-needed volume Some of which include acting as an under eye filler, the Juvéderm Ultra lip filler, and then the most commonly known use of alleviating wrinkles and fine lines. Without nay further ado, here are the three of prominent uses for Juvéderm.

· Lip Filler

When it comes to Juvéderm, as we mentioned it is by far one of the most heavily in-demand dermal fillers around today. As we mentioned, much of its popularity comes from its hyaluronic acid base, which allows it to seamlessly mesh with our body’s inner tissue and act as a plumping and hydrating agent. Plus, Juvéderm has a number of variations including the Juvéderm Ultra XC lips filler – a specially formulated version of Juvéderm designed to target and plump smaller, more sensitive areas. The XC part of Juvéderm Ultra XC lips filler signifies that it contains a lidocaine component that helps to alleviate any pain issues that we might experience due to the injection being performed in such a small, sensitive area such as the lips. This formulation of the popular dermal filler is known for its effectiveness as a lip filler, as the hyaluronic acid not only helps to give women (and some men!) the plumpness they desire in their lips, as well as the added volume, but it is also known to create a far more definitive lip line. In addition, while other lip filler method might give patients a far more blown up or overdone look, the Juvéderm Ultra XC lips filler provides a far more natural appearance, and because the treatment lasts about 6+ months, it allows patients to easily redo it is they aren’t happy with their initial results.

· Under Eye Filler

One of the main issues that occurs as we age, is the loss of facial volume. Due to facial volume loss it can cause our face to often look much older, and far gaunter than it normally would or even should! One of the most prominent areas in which this will affect us is beneath the eyes, as this area is known to have particularly thin skin and therefore any lost collagen and fatty tissue, becomes that much more prominent. Using Juvéderm, patients have been able to see outstanding results when it comes to using it as an under eye filler. It helps to fille the depressions left by facial volume loss issues and gives you a far more cheerful, happy look – that shows how full of life you are.

· Wrinkle Reduction

Wrinkles are a part of life, especially as we age. With years of stressing and expressiveness, it will eventually lead to a number of unwanted wrinkles and fine lines. Especially as facial volume loss comes into play, and we loss much-needed collagen and hyaluronic acid. Again, because of its hyaluronic acid base, Juvéderm seamlessly integrated with our sub-surface tissue and helps to fill in the depressions in our face that creates the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines. Over time, as you continuously repeat the use of Juvéderm, under the advisement of an aesthetic professional, you can expect to have a smooth, soft, supple, and mainly wrinkle-free complexion and overall appearance.

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