3 Facial Treatment Methods to Try Today

When it comes to aesthetic enhancement, the face is by far the most common and vital area of concern for most men and women patients. The fact is that the face is the first place someone sees when they meet you and the area where you are able to make your first impression upon meeting someone, and for the most part you only get one chance to make a first impression. This is why patients pay such close attention to their face and the health and wellness of their skin. According to the team at Alluring Images, the best medical spa Delray Beach has to offer, there are countless different facial enhancement methods out there and some are certainly more popular than others. And while patients might be aware of certain more common ones like injectable dermal filers or Botox, there are countless other treatments that simply don’t get the publicity of others, despite being incredibly effective and offering patients countless different benefits for their skin and face overall. And with the cosmetic medicine world coming quite far over the years, new and innovative techniques come about every single day, and there are countless different options out there for you to try, its all about doing your research and trusting experts like the team at Delray Beach medical spa, Alluring Image, to help guide you during a skincare consultation. To better educate patients on some of these lesser known methods, we will be going over three facial treatments procedures to try today that you might not have known about.

The Cupping Facial
Whether you refer to it as the Cupping Facial or Facial Cupping, this innovative method has become more and more popular over the past few years and has helped countless patients, both men and women, to improve their overall appearance and provide much needed facial skin rejuvenation. For anybody who is into physical therapy, you might hav heard of couponing therapy, an alternative form of therapy that uses suction cups in order to help stimulate the skin, muscles and other tissue. But what few know is that it can be done on the face as well as the body. According to the team at Delray Beach medical spa, Alluring Image, facial cupping therapy or the Cupping Facial and the suction cups used in it work by increasing blood circulation to the treatment area, and helping to relieve muscle tension, promote cell repair, and help to aid in other tissue regeneration. This works by increasing the blood flow to particular area of the body in this case the face, and as blood flow increases to the area, it helps to regenerate damaged tissue and stimulate the overall healing process that naturally occurs within the body.

An injectable procedure, Kybella is far different from the more common methods of injectable cosmetic medicine such as injectable dermal fillers or Botox as it isn’t designed to treat facial wrinkles or facial volume loss. Unlike these methods, Kybella is designed to help treat your double chin and help to eliminate unwanted submental facial fat that exists beneath the chin. Patients with excess facial fat, can have Kybella injected into the double chin area, and the specialized substance within it will cause the fat to disappear within only a few session. This will help patients to achieve an improved facial profile and overall appearance, with a thinner, trimmer face for the summer!

Anybody who’s familiar with the aesthetic enhancement industry has certainly heard of the neurotoxin wrinkle treatment Botox, but not everybody knows about its close cousin, Dysport. Another neurotoxin procedure, that also uses the botulinum toxin-A to help alleviate unwanted wrinkles, fine lines, and expression lines, Dysport is a popular alternative for patients who might have used Botox in the past, and may not be experiencing the same benefits as they used to after a while. In addition, for some patients, due to the slight differences in their formulation, patients might see better benefits using Dysport over Botox.

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