Botox Versus Chemical Peels for Facial Wrinkles & Other Issues M

When it comes to cosmetic medicine, and aesthetic enhancement procedures, one of the most important areas for treatment has absolutely got to be skincare. The fact of the matter is that when we treat our aesthetic issues, the face is the highlight of our appearance, and our skin not only is the highlight of that, but often requires the heaviest amount of focus. And in the medical spa world, we have seen countless amazing treatments designed for the treatment of a wide variety of skincare issues, some age-related, and others just a product of poor skincare and certain abrasions and whatnot. The fact of the matter is that despite there being so many different procedures out there, its often best to stick to the most traditional procedures and not to try to hard to try anything crazy, especially before trying some of the most common traditional procedures like a chemical peel or an injectable like Botox. According to the chemical peels’ specialist at Alluring Image, known to provide the best injectables like Botox near me, the fact is that certain issues like wrinkles and fine lines can be treated using both these methods, however, it is often dependent upon which types of such issues you might be suffering from and how exactly they have affected your skin. For instance, when it comes to Botox near me medical spa Alluring Image, will generally recommend this injectable method for wrinkles caused by expressions, however, when it comes to wrinkles caused by facial volume loss, other injectables such as dermal fillers – Juvéderm – will often work better. In this article, we will be exploring the differences in Botox and chemical peels and how they might help you treat your skin and when to use either.

Chemical Peels

When it comes to the use of certain topical skin treatments like facials or a chemical peel, its important to understand why and when you would use these treatments. according to the chemical peels specialist at Alluring Image, its important to know that a chemical peel requires applying a chemical solution to skin so it blisters and eventually peels off, resulting in a younger-looking appearance. Chemical peels are performed on the face, neck, and hands, and are used to treat a variety of “aged skin” issues. Such issues include fine lines around the mouth and under the eyes, sun damage, acne scars, age spots, freckles, and dark patches. Chemical peels are also used to improve skin’s look and feel.Glycolic acid is the most common option for chemical peels, with other options including salicylic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, carbolic acid, trichloroacetic acid, and fruit enzymes. They vary in strength and are used depending on what type of peel you’re receiving–a superficial or light peel, medium-depth peel, or deep peel.While there’s little to no risk involved with a superficial peel, side effects are associated with medium-depth and deep peels. Medium-depth peel side effects include temporary white or brown patches, hyperpigmentation, particularly if sunscreen isn’t used while outdoors, red skin, and even scarring. Deep peel side effects include scarring and loss of skin pigment. According to the chemical peels specialist at Alluring Image, recovery from a medium or deep chemical peel will generally take about 2-3 weeks, and in order to achieve the desired results, it can often take around 4-6 sessions of a chemical peel.


The fact is that Botox has become the most popular aesthetic enhancement treatment around today, with more men and women having it done than ever before. The fact is that it accounts for more than half of all aesthetic procedures going on today. At Alluring Image, known for the best Botox near me, they advise that patients should know exactly how and when to use Botox. Botox (Botulinum toxin) is an injectable toxin originally used to treat muscle disorders. Its use as a beauty treatment is more recent, but the results it produces has made it a very popular anti-aging treatment. The toxin is injected into the muscles to prevent them from contracting and creating wrinkles, resulting in a smoothed, youthful appearance.Botox may be used to treat a variety of issues, including smoker’s lines around the mouth, Crow’s Feet lines around the eyes, vertical lines between the eyebrows, horizontal lines on the forehead, droopy corners of the mouth, and more.Botox is considered a “lunchtime” procedure in that it involves virtually no downtime and allows the patient to resume normal activities immediately. Results are evident in about a week and last up to six months.

The fact is that sometimes, chemical peels can have more side effects than a simple injectable like Botox, especially when its down properly, and by a professional injector. For more information on skincare and more, be sure to contact Alluring Image.

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