What is the O-Shot for Women?

In the world of aesthetic medicine, over the past decade we have seen an incredible increase in transparency. While it used to be a common area of medicine men and women would choose to keep close, and would rarely talk about, recently with cosmetic procedures becoming more mainstream, more men and women are willing to discuss different methods and procedures they have had done. Whether it might be a surgical method like a Brazilian Butt Lift, or something less invasive like Botox, Dysport or injectable dermal fillers – people are far more willing to discuss these procedures openly. However, there are still quite a few areas that are somewhat controversial and areas that are often kept a secret, one of those areas is sexual health and issues with sexual dysfunction. For many women, particularly sexual dysfunction is an all too common issue and something they have been grappling with for some time now. But according to the team at Delray Beach medical spa, Alluring Image, there is an interesting new procedure out there that can help women who are having such issues with orgasms. Marketed as the orgasm shot, the O-shot for women is an innovative new method that works using a minimally invasive injectable procedure into the clitoris, labia and even the g-spot using PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy, extracted from the patient’s own blood. Despite how prevalent of an issue sexual dysfunction might be, the O-shot for women isn’t as well known as you would think. Therefore to better educate women, in this article, we will be going over the o-shot and what it entails.

The O-Shot for Women
The O-shot is actually a form of PRP or platelet rich plasma therapy that makes use of the body’s own blood platelets in order to restore and rejuvenate damaged tissue of all kinds. Popularized by athletes, looking to heal faster from surgery, or aesthetic patients looking to rejuvenate their skin, PRP works by extracting blood from the patient’s body, spinning it around in a centrifuge – a device that spins fluids around at a rapid pace, and separates the blood into red blood cells, platelet poor plasma, and platelet rich plasma. The latter of three is used in the procedure, and reinfected into the treatment area to help restore and rejuvenate tissue. The O-shot for women uses PRP therapy by injecting the platelet rich plasma into the vaginal areas such as the clitoris, labia, and the g-spot. By doing this the o-shot is able to stimulate the cells in the vaginal areas and help to rejuvenate the cells, breathing much needed life into the area and helping to increase sensitivity that may have been lost due to issues like age, or trauma.

What Does the O-Shot Treat?
The o-Shot for women has been shown to help women suffering from a wide variety of sexual issues and vaginal concerns. According to the team at Alluring Image, the best medspa Delray Beach has in practice, the O-Shot for women can help improve things like the following.

– Overall Sexual Function – For many women, whether it be due to aging, some form of trauma, or just a genetic issue, having orgasms during sexual activities can be quite difficult. By stimulating the tissue and cells in and around the vagina, the O-Shot is able to help women to experience far better orgasms and overall increase vagina sensitivity. According to the team at Alluring Image, the best medical spa Miami has to offer, it has been shown to increase sexual desire, overall sexual arousal, increase lubrication during intercourse, and help women experience far better orgasms during sex as well as masturbation.

– Incontinence Issues – Another common concern for many women is urinary issues and incontinence. The O-Shot has been shown to help decrease urinary incontinence issues, treat a condition known as lichen sclerosis, treat lichen plants, as well as to help women who may be experiencing issues such as pain from childbirth, or interstitial cystitis.

– General Pain & Discomfort – Some women, for a variety of different reasons may be experiencing pain and discomfort in their vagina and its surrounding areas. Whether this is due to trauma or damage to the tissue, the PRP therapy O-Shot for women has been shown to help rejuvenate and restore this tissue and increase blood flow to the area – not only providing the sexual benefits as listed above, but also helping to heal damaged tissue.

For more information on the O-Shot for women, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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