3 Highly Effective Treatments for Your Best Skin This Fall

With the past few months being some of the most difficult for many of us, not just across the United States, but the entire world, many of us have struggled to keep any semblance of normalcy or keep to our normal routines. Well when it comes to the world of skincare facial therapy, this has been the case for many individuals, both men and women – with many individuals feeling like “well, if I’m going to be home from work, and not see ANYBODY outside my family, what’s the point of keeping up with my facial therapy skincare routine anyway?” While times like this can certainly get the better of us, and with countless individuals even losing their loved ones to horrors of the virus, as the summer begins to fade away, things finally seem to be getting close to being normal again. And what that means for many of us is no more working from home, and you will definitely be seeing people soon, and not even your face mask can hide all the acne or blemishes you’ve let run wild for the past few months. Luckily for us, the team at Alluring Image, the best medical spa Boynton has to offer, is not only open, but offering individuals some of the best skincare and facial therapy treatment options to get your skin back to its former glory in no time at all. The one issue with all this is that everyone’s skin isn’t built the same, and while yours might need the best chemical peel for acne scars, others might be looking for dermaplaning facials Boynton patients can expect to help clear their skin of unwanted dry skin flakes – and much more! To better help you get your clear, blemish-free skin back, the best medical spa Boynton has in practice, Alluring Image offers us three of the most effective facial therapy treatments, the Vampire Facelift, the Deep Chemical Peel Treatment, and Dermaplaning Facials Boynton experts can help you get your skin back to normal in no time at all.

· The Vampire Facelift

The vampire facelift might have one of the best names in the world of aesthetic enhancement, plus it has got the effectiveness to match. Popularized by celebrities and everyday individuals alike, the vampire facelift is sometimes referred to as the PRP facelift or platelet-rich plasma facelift. This cosmetic procedure used the patient’s own blood plasma in conjunction with dermal fillers, to help fight signs of aging like wrinkles, fine lines, blemishes and much more. To begin the vampire facelift, blood is drawn from the patient and using a centrifuge, the sample is spun at a high velocity in order to separate the PRP fluid from the rest of the blood. The PRP solution is then combined with a hyaluronic acid filler, such as Juvéderm XC. As one of the most popular and highly effective dermal fillers, Juvéderm XC is a favorite amongst many of the patients at Alluring Image, the best medical spa Boynton has to offer. In addition to providing excellent results, Juvéderm XC, being one of only a few hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, helps to drawn in much-needed moisture and hydration for your skin, especially when used n conjunction with the body’s own PRP solution. The combination is then injected into the face, along the treatment area to help patients to reduce unwanted wrinkles and fine lines, plump up the skin in areas where you might experience facial volume loss, diminish acne scars, brighten dull spots of skin or discolorations and much more. The vampire facelift is safe for people of any age, but if you’re taking a blood thinner, have skin cancer, or any medical condition related to blood, such as HIV or hepatitis C, a vampire facelift isn’t recommended.

· The Dermaplaning Facial

When it comes to dermaplaning facials Boynton experts at Alluring Image have been able to use this procedure to help countless patients treat their skincare issues and eliminate a number of different types of blemishes and more. Dermaplaning itself is a relativelywell known exfoliation treatment that involves a dermatologist or licensed medical aesthetician gently scraping the surface of your skin with a surgical scalpel to remove dead skin. Basically, it’s like shaving your face – only it’s performed by an aesthetic medicine professional and takes care of way more than peach fuzz. Interestingly enough, the effects of dermaplaning are often compared to the best chemical peel for acne scars, except while a chemical peel treatment might be a chemical means of exfoliation, when it comes to dermaplaning facials Boynton experts refer to this as a physical means of exfoliation. Dermaplaning is known to remove unwanted peach fuzz and hair from women, unwanted dry skin flakes, layers of dead skin, helping to open up the pores, remove unwanted dirt, debris, gunk and more from the pores in our face. In addition, as it removed layers of dead or damaged skin cells from the skin’s surface, it takes with it unwanted bumps and blemishes, this can help to reduce the appearance of acne scars and discolorations as well.

· Deep Chemical Peel Treatment

Another one of the best skincare treatments to help you get your skin back in shape in no time at all has got to be the deep chemical peel treatment. Just like conventional chemical peels, the deep chemical peel treatment at Alluring Image is a means of chemical exfoliation helping individuals to clear away unwanted dry skin, dirt, debris, and oils along the skin’s surface, that can cause issues such as acne and other blemishes. Chemical peels can improve the skin’s appearance. In this treatment, a chemical solution is applied to the skin, which makes it “blister” and eventually peel off. The new skin is usually smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The best chemical peel for acne scars is generally done using a series of different ingredients such as alpha-hydroxy-acids or AHA’s, spa botanicals, serums, cleansers, and much more. These ingredients, when used in conjunction can help with things like reducing fine lines along the face, treat wrinkles or fine lines, sun damage, aging, improve the appearance of scars, treat acne, reduce freckles, dark patches, and much, much more.

For more information on getting your clean, clear skin back, or just scheduling an appointment, be sure to contact Alluring Image today.

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