4 Benefits of IV Therapy

With the warm, humid summer months of New York City finally upon us, one of the most common issues amongst individuals regardless of age, is dehydration. The fact of the matter is that no matter who you are or what level of health you consider yourself to be in, you simply MUST stay hydrated – no ifs ands or buts about it – without proper hydration you can be left with issues such as headaches, migraines, liver and kidney failure, nausea, and a whole host of other serious health concerns. While drinking water is great and something everybody should do, often once you’ve reached the point of dehydration drinking is nearly impossible, as you are likely to expel whatever you do try and consume therefore, I always like to be aware of IV therapy near me. But as time passes, and the science and technology behind IV therapy continues to advance, healthcare professionals and patients agree, it is definitely here to stay! At Alluring Image, the Best Medical Spa Boca Raton, FL has in practice, they offer a huge IV therapy bar, packed with an assortment of wellness drips for your every need – from the popular Hangover Drip, and the vitamin-C packed, Immunity Drips for everyday health and wellness, to drips for energy, beautiful skin and even weight loss!
As more research is done, newer and more specialized drips are created – however, IV hydration therapy was initially designed to just that, and combat dehydration. Dehydration is a major problem, and is known to cause issues like rapid heartrate, dizziness, fatigue, nausea, and more severe cases can even cause major neurological issues. Our brains and major organs are mainly composed of water, and dehydration depletes the vital fluids in and around the brain needed for proper function. For instance, after a night of heavy drinking, we become severely dehydrated and are affected by symptoms like nausea, headaches, fatigue and overall irritability. Using an IV hydration method like the Hangover Drip can help combat these symptoms and replenish lost nutrients and electrolytes much more effectively than drinking water or sports drinks. While this might seem obvious, IV hydration therapy offers a wide variety lesser-known benefits to our overall health and wellness.

  • Faster & More Efficient
    In comparison to a traditional method of hydration like drinking, IV therapy works much faster. As the Best Medical Spa Boca Raton, FL patients trust, Alluring Image, has some of the best options for IV therapy near me – using a variety of IV drips to provide patients with almost immediate relief for dehydration, hangovers, migraines, headaches, and a
    whole host of other common concerns. When we drink fluids, they must pass through our digestive system in order to be slowly absorbed into the bloodstream over time. This process can take hours to be absorbed and make it to our organs, delaying relief even longer. With IV therapy, fluids are delivered to the blood stream right away – providing instant hydration. While taking vitamins is fine, and can definitely help keep someone healthy. For myself, I always like to have IV therapy near me as it allows vitamins, minerals, hydration and other nutrients to instantly be delivered into the bloodstream, far faster and far more efficiently than any other route of administration – as in many instances 75-100% of your nutrients make it to your bloodstream on their way to being absorbed by the body.
  • Brain Function & Protection
    As previously stated, our brains and all major organs are composed of mainly water. And as we become dehydrated our brain begins to slowly function worse and worse, causing symptoms like severe migraine headaches, nausea, dizziness, confusion, and irritability. In addition to this, our brains are surrounded completely by Cerebrospinal fluid, a clear liquid
    that acts as a “shock absorber” to our brain and spinal cords. As we become dehydrated this fluid begins to deplete, and the protective layer thins – eaving our brain far less protected against injury or trauma to the head. When the brain comes into contact with the skull, it causes a concussion – a brain injury, resulting from head trauma, that causes loss of consciousness and other dangerous cognitive issues. Through proper IV therapy, we can easily hydrate our brain and build-up this lost fluid – giving our brain and other organs the protection they need.
  • Digestion and Circulatory Concerns
    One of the biggest issues with oral hydration or oral vitamin therapy, is the effect it can have on the digestive system. When an individual is trying to hydrate orally, the first issue is that there is simply a limit to how much you are able to drink in one sitting until it upsets your stomach or causes bloating. The same proves true for important vitamins, minerals, and nutrients. Taking a large quantity of vitamins or minerals at one time can upset your stomach and cause major issues in the digestive tract – causing nausea, and even damaging your intestines. In addition to this, a large percentage of the vitamins taken orally aren’t absorbed properly by our digestive system and end up expelled by our bodies as waste. Using IV therapy we can ensure all of the vitamins are not only absorbed into the bloodstream, but they don’t cause any issues with our digestive system. At Alluring Image,
    known to be the Best Medical Spa Boca Raton, FL patients trust for IV therapy, the team offers a number of different vitamin therapy drips for a variety of wellness needs.

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