when it comes to aging, especially as a man, there are a number of issues we must learn to deal with. From issues that concern our skin, loss of muscle tissue, wrinkles, and one of the most important concerns amongst men, premature balding. Whether you want to call it male pattern baldness or just plain old hair loss, losing your hair can be one of the worst and most devastating times in the life of a man. And even worse than going bald, is when you begin going bald a lot earlier than you ever expected. In fact, according to the team at Alluring Image, known for the best hair loss treatment Boynton has to offer, some individuals might even begin to lose their hair as early as their late teens, as well as their early to mid-twenties – a very devastating issue for any teenager to have to deal with. In order to treat your early balding issues, you must first recognize the signs of early balding themselves. According to the team at Alluring Image, known for the best hair restoration Boynton has to offer, while it can be alarming and even cause anxiety to note that you seem to be losing your hair, take heart! There are many ways to keep the hair you have and successfully address hair loss, solutions that were unthinkable even a few decades ago.Furthermore, the earlier you notice your hair loss and decide to do something to maintain the hair you have, the better the eventual outcome. So, give yourself a pat on the back for being proactive, and for educating yourself on this topic.

Balding is a Process
The process by which an individual goes bald, isn’t something that happens overnight. Nobody goes to bed with a full head of hair and wakes up bald in the morning. Like most signs of aging, it is a slow process that happens over the course of months, years and decades. According to the team at Alluring Image, the best company for Hair Restoration Boynton has to offer, by the time the early signs of balding become visible, you may have already lost approximately 50% of your hair.

Temples and Crown
The first thing you will want to do (and you may have already done this) is look in a mirror and pull back the hair from your temple areas. Do you perceive a “V” pattern of scalp beginning to show where the hairline used to be? If so,according to the team at Alluring Image, known for the best hair loss treatment Boynton has around, this is a sure sign that you’re experiencing early signs of balding. At this point, you may be at a 2 or 2A on the Norwood Scale, which is a classification system that illustrates progressive hair loss patterns in males.Next, take a hand-held mirror and hold it above the head, so that the crown reflects in the mirror in front of you. Can you perceive any scalp visible at the crown? If so, the extent of your hair loss has perhaps progressed to a Norwood 3V.

Comparing Images
Another way to perceive early signs of balding is to compare photos of yourself that were taken a couple of years apart. Are your temples more visible? Does there seem to be more diffuse general thinning? Keep in mind that not all men who experience MPB begin losing their hair at the hairline. If your temples are intact but you can see diffuse thinning, chances are high you are experiencing MPB. One of the best ways by which you might be able to tell how much your hair loss has progressed is by comparing images from then and now. The exercise you might want to try is:

Get a photo of yourself that was taken a couple of years ago in a specific spot indoors. Such factors as wind, water and lighting can greatly affect the appearance of hair, therefore try to obtain a photo indoors, in natural, non-fluorescent light.Then replicate the conditions as closely as possible and take a new photo. Can you see any signs of thinning and/or temple recession? If so your journey through male pattern baldness has almost certainly commenced. According to the Alluring Image team, known for the Best Hair Restoration Boynton has to offer, performing this exercise every few months, throwing in shots from different angles, such as photos of the crown as well. By doing so you will be documenting your hair loss as accurately as one can in a non-scientific setting. For more information on all there is to know about balding and more, be sure to contact us today.

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